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This is the place to talk about writing. Fiction, plays, songs, journalism- anything involving words
There are lots of communities to share your writing. This isn't one of those.

This is not so much about WHAT you're writing - more HOW you're writing it. This is where you come to discuss the PROCESS of writing itself.

Love writing, but don't have anyone to talk to about it? This is the place for you.
Love writing, but aren't very good at it? Swap advice so we can all learn!
Have strong opinions about adverbs? Tell us about them!

You may post snippets of what you're working on, if you're looking for feedback about how a certain paragraph is going, or want others to examine your sentence structure, but keep them below 300 words.

You should also at some point introduce yourself. Just a short intro post. Who are you, what do you like to write, how serious are you about it. It's not mandatory, but it helps us get to know you.