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This is my second to last semester of college, so I decided to be a huge nerd inquisitive student and write a paper about Vulcans for my science class on emotions.

When I started, I had some vague idea that I could perhaps post it somewhere when I'm done as a reference for ST fanfic writers... particularly those introduced to the fandom by the new movie, and haven't watched The Original Series (yet?) and maybe have somewhat fuzzy ideas about the specifics of the species. Because... there isn't much print material out there that's specifically about Vulcans. My main sources are the show itself, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Gene Roddenberry's biography, and a handful of random essays and articles I've managed to find in scifi collections and old ST fanzines.

I've recently started thinking about trying to get this thing published, rather than just posting it on livejournal or something. Does that seem like a worthwhile idea? (I don't actually know if there's any interest out there for more reference material on Vulcans.) And if so, does anyone here have any suggestions for publications I might be able to submit this to?

My bibliography isn't just limited to Star Trek material, for the record. One of my goals is to try and explain how Vulcans might make sense in terms of modern science (as opposed to the sixties, when cognitive science was so new that it didn't even have a name yet). Haven't finished writing yet, but I'm at about ten and aiming for around twenty, font sized 12 double spaced.


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Dec. 6th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
(I don't actually know if there's any interest out there for more reference material on Vulcans.)

there is no such thing as too much information to hardcore fans, and star trek has them.
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